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Catholic Education South Australia

This is an online collection of articles and digital resources for Religious education and prayer from the Australian Catholics magazine published by Jesuit Communications.


Families, Students and Teachers


Please note that all CESA teache and leaders now have free access for this year (2020) to the Australian Catholics online resources AC+.  You can now resister with your @schooldomain email address.

Follow the second link for more info about what these AC+ resources are and how to best to use them with students and staff. This page includes AC+ guides for students, teachers and parents.


Teacher Notes

Connection to Redesigned Crossways Knowledge Strands:

  • God, Us and Faith 
  • Sacramentality and Prayer 
  • Sacred Texts 
  • Moral Life 
  • Church for the World 

Connection to Redesigned Crossways Wisdom Strand

  • Dialogue and respect  

Connection with CESA Key Capabilities Continua:

  • Spiritually aware and inspired by faith