Catholic Education South Australia

Inquiry Question

What interesting photographs can I take using my device?

Teacher Notes

Give students a simple photographic brief to be undertaken at home, within the home or in the back yard.  For example: 

  • Take 5 photos of red objects (or any colour)
  • Take 5 photos of things that start with “t” (or the letter that their name starts with)
  • Take 5 photos of round things / things with straight lines / shiny things
  • Take 5 photos of people’s faces / hands / feet / eyes / smiles

Students’ photos for a particular photo assignment can be collated into a “book” or a class space and can be the basis for writing, talking, further photos etc.  Photos from the collection could be put into a photo story / PowerPoint or other platform, with music / spoken word / written text added. Students could reflect on how images can be used and conveyed in story and film.  A series of images can be used to tell a story through film or to create a collage in relation to an area of interest or be used to write a children’s book.

After some time, photographic briefs could add an element of photography skills:

  • Take 5 photos that are close-ups of different kitchen objects
  • Take 5 photos of objects at home but only show part of the object
  • Take 5 photos of objects or people from down low / up high / tilted / different perspectives