Catholic Education South Australia

Inquiry Question

How might we design a model of a sustainable vegetable garden for home or school using familiar craft materials?


Cool Australia

Educational website with an inquiry unit engaging leaners to design an organic garden.

Link: STEAM – Design an Organic Garden

Primary Connections

Biological Sciences unit: Watch it Grow, provides lots of investigations which could be adapted.

Link: Watch It Grow

Digital Technologies Hub

Planting Fruits and Trees lesson sequence.

Link: Planting and Fruit and Vegetables

Playdough to Plato

Blog with examples of how learners can use fruit and vegetable seeds to start germinating plants without potting soil.

Link: Growing Seeds

Fizzics Education

Website with ideas of how learners can explore gardens.

Link: Lesson ideas to use in your school garden for STEM

Preschool STEAM Blog

Preschool STEAM Blog with a great outline of how to encourage learners to think like engineers. The Engineering Design Process would be a great structure to plan this inquiry through.

Link: Preschool STEAM blog


Teaching Activity

Encourage learners to draw designs for their own sustainable garden. Learners can make their garden designs out of household materials and use their seedling plants to make their sustainable garden.

Teacher Advice

This inquiry allows learners to explore engineering and science concepts together as they use their imagination to design and create their own sustainable garden.

Science: Biological sciences, science inquiry skills

Design and Technology: Sustainability, production skills, engineering process

Mathematics: Measurement