Inquiry Questions

What is energy?

What is energy useful for?

What happens if we use too much energy?

How can we save energy?


Teacher Notes

In Years 1 & 2 students respond to questions, make predictions, and participate in guided investigations of everyday phenomena. They follow instructions to record and sort their observations and communicate their ideas in a variety of ways. 


Cool Australia

In this unit of work on Energy, students will explore their local environment to pose interesting questions, make inferences and predictions and think about “What will happen if…?” type questions about the energy sources they encounter in their everyday lives.  Students will complete a range of investigations, including gathering data and use appropriate methods to present and communicate what they have found out. 

Link: Cool Australia 

BP Educational Service

Engineers, scientists and other professionals find ways to produce and deliver the energy that heats our homes, powers our schools, cooks our food and fuels our cars.  The information and activities in this booklet of Primary School Energy Experiments will help students understand the important role STEM plays in the energy industry. 

Link: BP Educational Service