Catholic Education South Australia

Inquiry Questions

What can I use to decorate my hat?
What describing words can I use to talk about the decorations?
Will my hat protect me from the sun and rain?


Teacher Notes

In these activities students will observe and describe the behaviours and properties of everyday objects and materials.  Students explore properties of materials, making observations and asking questions, including exploring the changes in the world that impact on them, such as the weather.  Students also explore changes they can create, such as making things move or change shape.    


Primary Connections: That’s my Hat! (Foundation Chemical Sciences) 

That’s my Hat! provides students with hands-on opportunities to: 

  • sort and test the observable properties of a variety of different materials 
  • explore water resistant materials 
  • identify transparent materials 
  • predict and explain whether materials are suitable for wearing in the sun or rain 

Students apply their new learning by designing and making a party hat, taking into account the weather conditions it might be worn in.

Linking science with literacy 

In  That’s my hat, students represent and explain their understanding about how objects are made of materials that have observable properties, by creating these representations: 

  • Annotated drawing 
  • Sorting diagram 
  • T-chart 
  • Data table 
  • Word wall