Catholic Education South Australia

Inquiry Question

Around the world, people celebrate for different reasons and at specific times of the year.

Are there some celebrations that are similar to the ones we have in Australia?

Do people associate specific foods with some festivals / celebrations?

Can you relate them to some festivals or celebrations here in Adelaide?

Resource Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia

This resource contains links to stories of celebration around the world that students can research, understand and compare to their own experiences of festivals.

Link: - Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia

ABC Education

This collection explores celebrations in Australia, Asia and Europe. It considers the beliefs, rituals and foods associated with popular celebrations and includes a selection archival resources that show how celebrations are observed around the world.

Link: ABC Education - Celebrations

CESA Key Capabilities

The CESA Key Capabilities will support teachers in addressing intercultural understanding and knowledge and develop students’ ability to become interculturally and globally minded people.

Link: CESA Website - CESA Key Capabilities