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Inquiry Questions

How can I be physically active at home?
How can I build movement skills through games?

Missfit Movement

Missfit Movement have developed fitness and wellbeing videos for children. 
Lessons include yoga, mindfulness, dance fitness and wellbeing.  NB requires subscription; some of the YouTube videos are free.

Link: Missfit Movement (School program information)

Link: Missfit Movement (YouTube)

Link: Animal Yoga

Link: K-2 Dance

Being Active

Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of physical literacy. These skills are usually broken down into three overarching categories: locomotor (e.g. running, skipping, galloping), non-locomotor (e.g. balances and shapes), and manipulative (e.g. throwing, catching, kicking). Add: These resources give advice around being physically active for young children and their families, and the development of fundamental movement skills in young children.

Link: Being Active Family Guide

Link: Be Active Booklet

Link: Step Resources



PE Central

PE Central has lots of movement activities. This particular resource is specific to home, including game cards to find 10 different at home learning & fitness activities. Students and Parents can use the activity cards to have fun learning and moving at home.

Link: PE Central