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Inquiry Questions

What strategies can I use to keep a growth mind set?
How do I keep myself calm?

Mindfulness for Young Children

Mindfulness is important to all. Teaching mindfulness to children is important in the everyday lives of young children, but most particularly in times of stress and change. This resource contains ideas and links for teachers to consider in their work with children.

Link: Mindfulness for Young Children

Relaxation and Meditation for Children

Music can be useful in supporting the mindfulness of young children.

Link: Relaxation and Meditation for Children

Cosmic Kids

This series of short, creative yoga videos will introduce students to yoga through storytelling and song. The benefits of yoga include: 

  • improving coordination, balance, concentration and rhythmic expression
  • promoting healthy living and inclusivity 
  • developing strategies to manage stress through breathing 
  • helping students grow in confidence 
  • introducing students to mindfulness.

Link: Creative Yoga Videos

Be You

Be You provides educators with knowledge, resources and strategies to help children and young people achieve their best possible mental health.

Link: Be You


Actions taken to enable students with disability to access and participate in education on the same basis as other students.  

Link: NCCD  


  • Some students require support in understanding Theory of Mind before being able to engage in these types of activities.  

  • The Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings story can help children learn about hearts, brains and thoughts.