Inquiry Question

What can we learn from films?


Into Films: Film guides to use at home

This resource includes several film guides designed as informal discussion prompts to be used after viewing a film. The guides also include extension activities that children and young people can take part in on their own, providing opportunities for independent learning. 

This website is free but requires creating an account to access the resources. 

Link: Into Films

The Film Space

This website contains film related teaching resources, suitable for film-based cross-curricular teaching and learning projects.  They can be used in a large group setting, via an interactive whiteboard, networked on a suite of computers or for small group or individual work at the computer.  

Link: The Film Space

Film Education: Primary school

This website contains information, resources and study guides for teachers on how to use film in the primary classroom as a tool for learning. These free resources cover a wide range of curriculum areas and include film clips, teachers' notes and a range of activities. 

Link: Film Education