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Catholic Education South Australia

EYLF Learning outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

5.3 Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media

Preschool Literacy Indicators: I represent my world symbolically

Inquiry Question

How can we tell stories without books?

Advice for Teachers

This experience is about children retelling or acting out familiar stories. It helps their comprehension, sequencing, imagination, creativity and resourcefulness (learning dispositions).

Ask families to read or watch a favourite story with their child and encourage them to retell the story with toys or other prompts.

For example, after reading or watching We’re Going on a Bear Hunt children could make a cave for their teddy to live in, and take other toys walking through long grass, squelchy mud and swirling snow.

Or with Dear Zoo they can use toys and make the boxes to deliver them in. Writing the signs on the boxes is important too.

Advice for Parents

Watch or read a story with your child. When you have finished help your child to retell the story using their toys. Teddy could be the bear in the cave, or your toys could be the animals in the story. See if your child can use some of the words from the story, like ‘the long, wavy grass’ or ‘He was too big. I sent him back’.

Can you remember the order of the story? What happened first? What came next?

Link: Storyline Online Library