EYLF Outcome 2: children are connected with and contribute to their world

2.3: children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment

Preschool Literacy Indicator: I understand the language of my world

Preschool Numeracy Indicator: I use and analyse data in my world

Inquiry Question

How can recycling help our preschool and home environments?

Advice for Teachers

This link contains lots of ideas and activities to get your children involved in recycling and can be adapted for use at home. Look at the section called: “Get creative: show preschoolers how to reuse, reduce and recycle!”  You could ask your children to send you a photo of what they’ve made.

Link: Reasons and Ideas to Teach Preschoolers About Recycling

Link: Song about Recycling - Soundplay Australia

Advice for Parents

Recycling is something we can do every day at home. Make a recycling station using three boxes, buckets or bins, one for rubbish, one for green waste and one for recyclables. Encourage your child to make signs for the bins, maybe vegetables for the green waste, bottles and cans for the recyclables and tissues for the rubbish one. When you have waste products let your child put them in the right container.

When children do this they are sorting and categorising.

This link contains an activity that will help your child to sort and recycle plastic, cans and paper products.

Link: Recycle It