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EYLF Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

Outcome 5.2: Children engage with a range of texts and gain meaning from these texts

Preschool Literacy and Numeracy Indicators: I engage with texts and make meaning

Inquiry Question

How does predicting help us to understand when we’re reading or listening to stories?

Advice for Teachers

What is a prediction? Predictions are created by combining two things: 1- clues the author leaves for the reader, such as the words, pictures or text features and 2- what you know (your schema or in-head knowledge).

When we ask young children to make predictions, we are asking them to think about what they already know about the story, and what they think will logically happen next. Here are some common predictions you can try when sharing texts with children:

  • Before Reading- What will the book be about? Who will the main characters be? What big events will happen in the story? Where will the events take place?
  • During Reading- How will a character respond to the problem? Who might help the character solve the problem?
  • After Reading- Which predictions were correct? Which predictions were incorrect? Why were the predictions incorrect?

Prediction is an important comprehension skill, when listening to books being read aloud, and later, when children are starting to read for themselves.

Advice for Parents

Encourage your child to listen as you read stories and information books together by building anticipation for what might happen next:  "What do you think will happen next?" "Who do you think sank the boat?"  We ask these types of questions to help children keep track of the story while thinking ahead to the next part. It helps them to understand what they’re listening to.

Here are some prompts to help your child make predictions from any story or information book, and here is a link to a popular story, “Who sank the boat?”

Link: Video - Who sank the boat

  • I wonder what kind of book this is, can you have a guess?
  • Who is going to be in this book?
  • What is this text going to be about?
  • What might happen in the story?
  • What might we learn from this book?
  • I wonder what will happen next? What do you think?
  • Why do you think …. will happen next?
  • What do you think will be on the next page?
  • But how will they (get it back/find home etc.)?
  • So, what do you think will happen, now the story is finished?