EYLF Outcome 3: children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Outcome 3.2: children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing

Preschool Literacy Indicators: I use language to connect with my world

Preschool Numeracy Indicators: I quantify my world

Inquiry Question

How do we make good food choices?

Advice for Teachers

Although all preschools have healthy eating programs, this is an opportunity for children to take what they have learnt at preschool into their homes.

Children can plan a menu with an adult and photograph their healthy food choices

The following link features books, songs, games, information, experiments, cooking with children and links to the EYLF.

Link: Healthy Kids Campaigns

This next link contains task sheets for games, activities and experiments.  Some of these can be extracted and provided to parents with instructions for implementation

Link: Healthy Kids Learning Pack

Advice for Parents

The following resources contain information about healthy food choices for children, along with a variety of games and activities.

Choose a letter for each day and see if you have any healthy foods starting with that letter, like b for bananas.  Choose a colour and see if you have any fruit and vegetables you can sort into colour groups.

Link: Healthy Eating - Games and Activities

Link: Mindful Munching