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These prayer and reflection resources are for all families, students and staff members to nurture their and each other’s spiritual well-being through prayer.   The reflections and prayers can be prayed together or alone and can be shared online.  Anyone can access these resources to find comfort, connection to faith and reassurance in unsettling times.  

From the CESA Being with God: Prayer and Liturgy Resource: 

Prayer is at the heart of Christian spirituality and teachers and parents can help children and young people to be aware of the presence of God in everyday life and to become persons of prayer.

Catholic schools give students opportunities to:

  • learn about prayer in the Catholic Tradition
  • listen and respond to God
  • embrace the beauty and richness of prayer in the Catholic Tradition
  • develop skills for personal and communal prayer and Liturgy.

In our Catholic school communities, everyone is encouraged to set aside time for personal prayer and to pray together with others.

CESA Prayer Resources

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

A selection of prayer resources curated by Catholic Education South Australia.

CESA Reflection Resources

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

Reflection resources for comfort and inspiration; curated by Catholic Education South Australia.

COVID-19: Articles, Reflections and Deeper Engagement

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

Articles, Reflections and Deeper Engagement in COVID-19 contexts...

Preparation for Prayer Exercises

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

Breathing and Body exercises that prepare students for prayer by encouraging stillness and attentiveness to environment.

Praying with a Piece of Nature

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

A prayer of noticing and imagining using prompts from nature created by Jesuit Spirituality

Digital Prayer Weebly

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

This CESA website has a variety of different online prayer resources.

Christian Meditation

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

Christian Meditation: Powerful prayer & nurturing wellbeing.

Examen for life during COVID-19

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

This Examen is prayerful awareness tailored to living during COVID-19.

Finding God During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Audience: Teachers, Students and Families

Resources for prayer and spiritual nourishment...

Brisbane Catholic Education Prayer Resources

Audience: Teachers

A teaching resource on Spirituality.

CAFOD Prayers

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

Prayers in a time of coronavirus from the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development


Fold your hands in prayer

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

Wash Your Hands and Fold Them in Prayer. A Catholic Response to the Coronavirus.


Grateful Reflection

Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

Caring for Self and Others in Times of Trouble: Some Spiritual Tools and Tips

CESA Key Capabilities Prayerful Reflection


Teachers, Students, Families

This prayer includes a quote from Pope Francis and offers prayers aligned with the vision of the CESA Living Learning Leading Framework.

Loyola Press


Teachers, Students, Families

Catholic resources to support prayer and the seasons of the Church year.

Prayer Resources for use during the Coronavirus situation


Teachers, Students, Families

Prayer resources for families and students to use during the Coronavirus pandemic.



Teachers, Students

This website offers a bank of RE curriculum and prayer resources. The 5 curriculum ‘Content Areas’ align nicely with the new Crossways 5 Knowledge Strands.

Stilling before prayer

A calming and stilling reflective practice to open prayer

The Work of the People


Teachers, Students, Families

Visually beautiful short films and reflections for use in prayer or to stimulate and support learning. This subscription service is now free.

Family Liturgy Resources

Audience: Families, Students

This Adelaide Archdiocese Website has a list of family Liturgies related to the Sunday Gospel which can be used when families cannot attend Mass.

Social Justice Statements

A collection of Social Justice Statements released by the Australian Catholic Bishops on Social Justice Sunday.