Catholic Education South Australia

This Ecological Examen is a tool for prayer, reflection and action as individuals in their home, parish, school, university or community deepen our call to care for creation and the most vulnerable. Please join the Ignatian Family in seeking a conversion of heart to embrace ecological justice and Pope Francis’ call to care for our common home.


Families, Classroom, Teacher


This website offers a reflective tool for individual and groups to reflect, pray and plan for action using the examen process. There are questions, photos, prayer and ideas for use in a range of settings – classroom, home, staff meetings etc

Teacher Notes

Connection to Redesigned Crossways Knowledge Strands:

  • Moral Life : Integral Ecology 

Connection to Redesigned Crossways Wisdom Strand:

  • Appreciate the interconnectedness between God, people and creation
  • Discern and respond with ongoing reflection 
  • Identify and develop empathy for, issues of concern, injustice and violence

Connection with CESA Key Capabilities Continua:

  • Spiritually aware and inspired by faith
  • Moral, compassionate, ecologically aware