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Integral Ecology means that everything is interconnected. It is concerned for the poor and the marginalised as well as the environment. It is founded on the understanding that decisions made by people affect creation, others and future generations. In his 2015 encyclical ‘Laudato Si’, Pope Francis named that the natural world and every living thing have intrinsic value and speak of God’s creative and tender love. (77, 84)

Calling Earth ‘our common home’ means that all creatures (including humans) live in a shared place created by God for all to be nurtured. Human beings belong to the one interdependent community of creation (people, animals, plants and natural systems). Everything in the natural world has intrinsic value due to being God’s creation; this challenges the view that creation only has value because of its benefit to humans. Integral ecology enables people to see themselves in deep relationships with all of creation, and to see that all of creation is in a deep relationship with God. 

These Integral Ecology resources will support children and adults to:

  • Develop their theological and practical understanding of Integral Ecology
  • Explore the capabilities of being ecologically aware and an ecological leader
  • Appreciate their agency in making a difference to the natural world and others
  • Engage in prayer and reflection experiences 
  • Promote integral ecology

CESA ‘Being with God’ prayer and liturgy resource for teachers

This resource offers practical guidance for planning and celebrating prayer and Liturgy in the classroom and school community. 

Audience: Families, Classroom, Teacher

CESA Key Capability: Moral, Compassionate, Ecologically Aware

There are seven CESA Key Capabilities which support young people to thrive, be capable learners and leaders for the world God desires. The moral, compassionate, ecologically aware capability is particularly useful for reflecting on integral ecology. 

Audience: Families, Classroom, Teacher

Our Common Home

Caritas have invested in designing a huge variety of resources to support RE classroom teaching, particularly around themes of social justice. This is a wonderful Australian resource which offers curriculum ideas beyond the Project Compassion resources. 

Catholic Earth Care Australia

Catholic Earthcare Australia is an ecological agency established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Audience: Families, Classroom, Teacher

Catholic Resource Information Service (CRIS)

CRIS has a list of resources which can be used for Integral Ecology. These resources can be borrowed from CRIS for school or personal use. 

Audience: Families, Classroom, Teacher

Ecological Examen

This Ecological Examen is a tool for prayer, reflection and action as individuals in their home, parish, school, university or community deepen our call to care for creation and the most vulnerable. Please join the Ignatian Family in seeking a conversion of heart to embrace ecological justice and Pope Francis’ call to care for our common home.

Laudato si'

Laudato si' is the second encyclical of Pope Francis. The encyclical has the subtitle "on care for our common home". 

On Holy Ground

This document from Catholic Earthcare Australia is an Ecological Vision for Catholic Education in South Australia

Audience: Classroom, Teacher