Announcement from ACARA re Review of the Australian Curriculum


On Friday, June 12 2020, education ministers agreed to the proposed terms of reference for review of the Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum. The terms of reference and other support materials are available on the ACARA website.

ACARA’s program of research - consultation states and territories, ongoing collaborations with groups such as the Curriculum Directors and benchmarking of the Australian Curriculum against Singapore, Finland, British Columbia and New Zealand curricula have revealed there is no need, nor support for, a major overhaul of the curriculum. There is broad-based recognition that the current curriculum needs refining, updating and ‘decluttering’ to better support teachers with implementation, particularly in the primary years, so the review will focus on content refinement within the existing structure and dimensions of the Australian Curriculum. Extensive consultation with the teaching profession and engagement with key stakeholders are planned for the coming 12 months. Information on ACARA’s engagement approach, advisory structures and the two public consultation windows is also available on the ACARA website and will be regularly updated.

ACARA will review and refine the eight learning areas from Foundation to Year 10 by the end of 2021 and, subject to ministerial approval, publish the next version of the Australian Curriculum on an improved website in 2022.