COVID-19 Update

There are currently no Catholic school closures in South Australia.


SACE Update
May 1 2020


The SACE Board have now looked at every Stage 1 and Stage 2 subject, and through the consultations they held with the subject communities in Term 1, have worked together to co-construct changes to specific subjects where needed. The committee recognises that further changes might be required if the community response to COVID-19 needs to change.

There has been a specific focus on the assessment requirements of Stage 2 subjects and changes have been made to 22 subjects, in addition to those that were reviewed in Term 1.

In all other subjects, there are statements about using the existing flexibilities within the subject, while still honouring the learning intent and maintaining the cognitive demand of the subject.

View the changes and updates to ALL subjects here.  

SACE officers will be following up with schools later in Term 2 through further Zoom meetings with various subject communities. The SACE Board are wanting to ensure that teachers have the opportunity to work with subject colleagues across SA and the NT to share the ways in which teachers are making sure students get the learning to which they are entitled.

The SACE Board trust the profession to use the existing and temporary flexibilities in the SACE to maximise students' learning and their opportunities to show what they have learned through the assessment. 

 The COVID-19 portal also outlines the cut-off date for the Semester 1 Research Project resulting cycle. The database cut-off date for final enrolments for Stage 2 Research Project A and B (results due June) is Friday 8 May for South Australia and the Northern Territory.
In the high trust environment that exists in South Australia and the Northern Territory, we are in this together, navigating through these uncertain times caused by COVID-19.