Catholic Education South Australia

Learning in an online environment

Catholic schools work in partnership with families to provide the best possible learning environments for our students. 

In these rapidly changing times – in one sense – nothing changes. We’re still here supporting your child in their learning. 

Here are some simple things that you can do to support your child as we move to an online learning environment. 

Pastoral Care

In event of an extended period at home due to illness or isolation, the primary responsibility for the pastoral care of students rests with their parents/guardians. However, class teachers will continue to monitor both academic progress and the general wellbeing of their students by being available to support parents and address any concerns.

Parents should contact their child’s class teacher in the usual way if they have concerns or require support. Class teachers will be expected to pass on any feedback received to the school leadership, particularly if there are concerns or a lack of communication.

Comfort and love

What your children need right now is to feel comforted and loved;
to feel like everything is going to be okay.

This might mean that you … 

  • play a game outside  
  • watch movies together  
  • share a book 
  • do some cooking together  

All of these things are learning experiences for your child.   


You’re not expected to be a teacher.
Your classroom teachers will be available to support your child.
Your role is simply to make sure that they are engaging with their learning.


It is perfectly normal to feel anxious in these uncertain times.  Make time to listen to any concerns that your child may have.

If you need extra support - talk to your child’s teacher or a school counsellor about the additional support that is available. 

Principals may approve counselling contact with individual students if required. Counsellors and other wellbeing/support staff will follow Protective Practices protocols in contacting individual students at home. The school’s usual protocols regarding individual student counselling contact will be upheld. All contacts are via school authorised platforms only, with individual counselling sessions conducted by phone.

The Student Wellbeing Hub is a space for educators, parents and carers and students to find resources and support that promote wellbeing and learning within the education community. Specific COVID-19 wellbeing resources have also been created to support learning communities during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

In addition, the Parenting SA website, provides government advice about supporting mental health and well-being regarding COVID 19 for parents/caregivers.

The Schooltv website also provides resources for parents and students regarding looking after personal well-being. 

Healthy choices

Encourage your children to: 

  • get fresh air 
  • exercise 
  • eat healthily  
  • drink plenty of water


During a period of isolation at home, not seeing friends may be difficult for young people.

Encourage your child to maintain connections with their friends in other ways.

Secondary students should be encouraged to text or call their friends during study breaks. 


Over the coming weeks, you may see your child behave differently.

Whether it is anxiety, or anger, or a protest that they cannot do things normally - it will happen. This is normal and expected.

If you’re struggling to know how best to support your child – connect with your child’s teacher. 

Just one thing...

If we can leave you with one message, it is this:

Your child’s wellbeing is the most important thing.

Your child’s wellbeing will be more important than any specific online lesson. How they felt during this time will stay with them long after the memory of what they studied at home is gone.   

Go gently. Love your child. Support your teachers. Be kind to yourself. 

And remember: 

We will continue to support our students' learning and wellbeing irrespective of the circumstances.