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Frequently Asked Questions

The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools has an overall policy emphasising support for Catholic families to access schooling. Each school is responsible for setting and collecting their own fees.  We would recommend that you visit the school web site you are interested in enrolling in and have a look at its fee schedule and policy. If affordability is an issue for you then contact the school to find out about options for fee assistance and payment plans.

Some of our schools have a waiting list for enrolment while some don't and have places available for new students. 

We would advise you to contact to the school in which you would like to enrol and talk them as soon as possible. They will explain the the timing, criteria and steps for enrolling.

If they do have a waiting list, don't be disheartened. Get your child's name onto the waiting list as quickly as possible.

Our schools exist to offer a faith education so the religious education program is a distinctive feature of our curriculum.  All schools follow the Australian Curriculum.  There are minimum criteria that have to be met but our schools also have specialist areas that they can implement in their own curriculum.

We would encourage you to contact our schools for more information about their particular curriculum offerings.

Schools follow the guidelines as established by the SA Commission of Catholic Schools in its enrolment policy (see below) however, it is important to check with the school you are considering for its more detailed criteria and application of these guidelines.

 SACCS Enrolment Policy.pdf

We invest in our teachers, we are involved in the national standards and the Catholic Education Office itself has established a continuous improvement framework through which each school is required to develop, implement and evaluate its directions.