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Fair Funding Campaign

Catholic Education SA has launched a campaign to call on the government to offer a fair funding model for SA Catholic schools.

Catholic schools make a significant contribution to the vitality of South Australia, educating close to 20% of students. Yet our students are not receiving a fair deal.

On average, SA Catholic schools are funded by the State government (14%), the Federal government (54%) and parent contributions via school fees (32%).

SA Catholic Schools receive significantly less per student than the national average level of State government funding.

Students in SA Catholic schools short-changed $15.8 million* in 2017

South Australian State government funding to each student in a Catholic school is the lowest of all States and Territories in Australia.

With 46,000 students in Catholic schools across the State – the total shortfall for 2017 is estimated to be in excess of $15.8 million.

* Calculation based on current student enrolments. Funding source data:  NCEC Annual Report 2015.

Read more in our Fair Funding Facts Flyer.


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Make your vote count for your child’s education

In the lead up to the next State election, we will continue to update this website with information about how each political party plans to support Catholic Education so that you can make an informed decision about how your vote impacts your child’s education.

Got questions?

For more information or questions please contact:

Sylvia Jaksa, Executive Assistant - Political Strategy

Phone: (08) 8301 6600 
Email: sylvia.jaksa@cesa.catholic.edu.au