Our Commitment to Every Child

CESA Learning Statement

Catholic Education South Australia has a learning statement to emphasise our commitment to every student enrolled in our schools. 

The Statement reads:

To every child in a Catholic School

We are committed to knowing you deeply. We value you as a capable and competent learner and will support your active engagement in the learning process. In partnership with you and your family we commit to high expectations for your learning progress, wellbeing and achievement.

You matter to us.

Catholic Education South Australia Assistant Director Monica Conway says the Statement outlines fundamental principles of learning in Catholic schools.

“The Statement of Learning Commitment is grounded in our mission and vision and is deliberately directed at every child in our schools,” she says.

“We are making a commitment to them based on our image of the child and belief in their capabilities. We want to clearly say: you matter to us. In Partnership with you and your family your education and personal growth is our core focus.”

The statement, which is addressed to “every child” in Catholic schools, describes the student as capable and competent and speaks of the school’s “high expectations for your learning progress”.

It is the first time Catholic Education has created a learning statement, which was developed in consultation with key stakeholders, including parents and school leaders.

“We should aspire to authentically partner with families to build the capacity and resilience of students,” said Phil Lewis, Secondary Campus Principal, Nazareth College.

Anne McGowan, Principal at St Margaret Mary’s School, Croydon Park, agrees:

“We have great responsibilities as school leaders to carefully and skilfully plan teaching and learning opportunities in engaging environments so that every child knows that they are capable.”