10 Oct 2018
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Race to high school

As Catholic Education South Australia prepares for an influx of Year 7s moving to secondary school in 2019 – some schools have taken an innovative approach to preparing their students for the move.

Recently the Year 6 students from St Gabriel’s, Enfield participated in a ‘Race to High School’ event. The event involved the female students going to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, Enfield and the male students attending Blackfriars Priory School, Prospect.

The visits gave students the opportunity to learn about themselves and the schools. It also gave them a chance to reflect on:

  • what they were nervous about
  • what excited them
  • what was different to what they expected.

A podcast has been made which records the students reflections as they prepare for transition to secondary school.

You can listen to the podcast here:
Race to High School - Soundcloud Podcast

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