Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) is moving Year 7 from primary to secondary settings

This means that, in most schools, Year 6 will become the final year of primary schooling.

Year 7 will become the first year of secondary schooling.

Outlined below are the key questions and answers raised by parents.

Every school situation is unique. Most schools will implement this change in 2019.

Your school principal will let you know exactly how and when this will happen in your school.

Be assured that your school will continue to keep you informed and updated as plans progress. Your child’s education and wellbeing will be at the heart of all decision making. 

No. Some primary schools will continue to offer Year 7. 
These include:

  • country primary schools where there is no Catholic secondary school nearby
  • Catholic schools where middle schooling structures already exist or are planned
  • Catholic schools that are co-located with other schools offering Year 7 in a primary context.

It’s the same curriculum simply offered in a different setting. All schools will continue to teach the Australian curriculum.

Just as your child’s safety is paramount in a primary setting, so it will be in a secondary setting.

Secondary schools offer support such as pastoral care and buddy programs that nurture students as they settle into their new learning environment. Schools may also offer dedicated areas where younger students can gather at recess and lunch times. Your secondary school can provide more information.

Yes, schools are working in clusters and regions to ensure a smooth transition for students from one school to the next.

While this move brings with it significant implications for the way our schools operate, the educational needs of our students are paramount.

We will continue to update parents with information.

CESA is committed to supporting affordable pathways of excellence for progression to a Catholic secondary school and would value the opportunity to discuss this with you. We will also work with you to support student transitions with other chosen schools.

We would encourage you to discuss your options with your local principal.

While this is a local school decision, we would expect that schools will celebrate the milestone of completing primary school at the conclusion of Year 6.

Again, we would expect that leadership opportunities will still occur in the senior years of primary school.

Secondary schools are currently determining the cost of school fees for Year 7. We anticipate that fees will be as close to existing fees as possible.

Secondary schools don’t usually provide Out of School Hours Care. Many, however, offer alternatives such as the ability to study after school in the school library.

Please discuss with the school you’re intending your child to attend

Our primary schools will remain committed to excellence in education and we will continue to provide quality teaching and learning at every year level.

We know that interstate Catholic schools have made a smooth transition and we expect the same to occur in South Australia.

We encourage you to discuss your child’s secondary enrolment with your local principal or to contact the secondary school of your choice.