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The Strategy for Leading Catholic Education to New Levels of Excellence

Extensive community engagement has occurred since the original community paper was launched in January 2015.

Over 170 principals, school board chairs and priests - representing close to two thirds of our schools - attended engagement sessions in June 2015.

Working groups were established and worked diligently to address the philosophical, structural and organisational implications of each of the strategy’s actions:

  • Framework for Catholic system of schools and early years services
  • Framework for Catholic early years services
  • Framework for Catholic school structures
  • Guidelines and protocols for regional models
  • Provision for expanded/new Catholic schools
  • Framework for amalgamations and/or closures
  • Provision of vocational pathways
  • Promoting Catholic Education South Australia and developing a marketing plan
  • Consolidated business case and financial model for the strategy
  • Strategy coordination

The extensive engagement and discernment process led to the development and inclusion of two additional actions in the revised version of the strategy, these are:

  • Enhancing Catholic Identity
  • Improved student learning and wellbeing

Below are two videos produced in the early stages of the project to explain our broad directions.

In this video Helen O’Brien, Director – Catholic Education SA - summarises the purpose and focus of the Leading Catholic Education to New levels of Excellence Strategy.

In this video Michael Kenny - Assistant Director, People and Culture, Catholic Education SA – answers some key questions about the Framework for Catholic school structures, in particular Year 7 transition.

Want to know more?

For further information about the strategy please contact:

Uby Faddoul
Strategy Coordinator
T  08 8301 6804