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Welcome to Catholic Education South Australia (CESA).

We are an educational sector that is committed to providing excellence for every child whose learning and education is entrusted to our care. Our learning experiences are grounded in Catholic values and beliefs. We want every student to experience success according to their unique characteristics and talent.

Our approach is to work in partnership with families and communities to create opportunities for  students to encounter life to the full – in all its personal, intellectual, religious, social and cultural richness.

Across our state, more than 6,000 staff care for over 46,000 students in 103 Catholic schools. We hope that our website provides families, carers, staff, stakeholders and those seeking employment in our schools with information that is helpful and informative about our sector and its community of schools.

If you are a parent/carer choosing a school for your child, we hope this website provides you with information that is helpful as you make that most important of choices.

Dr Neil McGoran
Director, Catholic Education South Australia